[Giveaway] Top Chef Canada Keeping it Clean with SpongeTowels

Have you caught any of this seasons episodes of Top Chef Canada yet? SpongeTowels is the official paper towel of Top Chef Canada. Hopefully you have seen the Chefs in action and have maybe noticed that they are using SpongeTowels. SpongeTowels are not only for the professionals as they have been my official paper towel for a long time. Having two kids that love to help out in the kitchen the SpongeTowels help with clean up. Like the chefs, you can count on SpongeTowels, with their unique and super absorbent Sponge Pockets, to tackle your messy moments because nothing absorbs like SpongeTowels! Perfect for everyday accidents and spills too!

Did you know that you could enter to win a Top Chef Canada inspired meal prepared for you by a professional chef in your home? The dinner includes clean up by the Sponge Towel team! What a treat this would be.


I am so happy to be able to bring this giveaway to you, my readers! One of you will win this gift basket filled with Top Chef Canada branded items and SpongeTowels products. The $250 basket will have you whipping up fabulous creations in your kitchen. With SpongeTowels at the ready there is no need to worry about the clean up. Good luck to all!

You will have all the tools required to put your culinary creativity to the test with the ultimate home kitchen gift basket from SpongeTowels. Contents include a variety of kitchen utensils to help you cook up a storm, and a year supply of SpongeTowels paper towels – with their unique and super absorbent Sponge Pockets, these paper towels can tackle any mess so be as daring as you want!

Gift Basket $250 value contains:
a variety of kitchen utensils to help you cook up a storm
a year supply of SpongeTowels paper towels
Open to Canada only (no Quebec)


  1. when my daughter spilled a big glass of milk all over the living room floor!

  2. misty deibel says:

    I am not sure who has the bigger messes in my home, kids or hubby. lol
    This great prize pack will be wonderful for all the little messy clean ups also.

  3. When I couldn’t quite catch that falling glass of orange juice!

  4. Tia Tilley says:

    My cat likes to knock over glasses of anything and everything. They help sop up those messes!

  5. nicolthepickle says:

    Yesterday I wanted to clean the car, and I had to rinse out the rag at least 20 times. I would have appreciated some sponge towels.

  6. These would be great for when I spill coffee on the floor, which is pretty much every day

  7. Darlene Schuller says:

    Last night when my daughter dropped her plate of spaghetti…. fun times.

  8. when feeding baby

  9. Florence C says:

    Spilled a apple juice on the floor. With the sponge towels nearby to grab quickly to clean it up made it easy.

  10. Melinda L. says:

    Spilled spaghetti sauce all over the kitchen floor

  11. There is always sticky jam on the counter after a busy breakfast morning and SpongeTowels would definitely help the jam from spreading.

  12. Judy C (Judy Cowan) says:

    They would of came in handy last night when I knocked a jar of pasta sauce all over the counter!

  13. Milk all over table

  14. Rachel Cartwright says:

    I spilled some custard all over the floor yesterday! Worst! SpongeTowels definitely would have come in handy.

  15. Jennifer L. says:

    I spilled a bowl of pumpkin pie batter on the floor once. It was an absolute mess!

  16. I have a 3yr so i deal with chocolate milk spills constantly!

  17. Suzanne G says:

    When my grandson spilled his juice all over the floor.

  18. Wet coffee grounds…happens at least once a week where they end up on the floor!

  19. So useful! And not just to clean up the spills of the kids, but all the mess my husband makes too!

  20. stacey dempsey says:

    Yesterday my son spilled a whole bowl of soup on the floor, that was fun to clean up . I wish I could say this dosent happen often but he seems to be very clumsy these days

  21. shauna wyspianski says:

    With three kids theres is always something to clean up. I find the towels handy for all the little spills on the kitchen counter.

  22. Melissa D says:

    my son recently dropped a whole carton of eggs on the floor.. what a mess

  23. New Years 2000. My daughter knocked a full gallon of paint down the basement steps! The lid did NOT hold. Could have used some good help that night!

  24. Brianne Hager says:

    Sponge Towels could have helped me clean up the accident our puppy had on the kitchen floor this morning.

  25. Sponge Towels would really help with spilled orange juice on kitchen floor!

  26. lisa bolduc says:

    baby puke, lol.

  27. Spilling my spaghetti sauce all over the floor (didn’t even make it to the table)

  28. Jenness Mills says:

    The other day I spilled apple juice down my fridge shelves and onto the floor!

  29. Alex Petzoldt says:

    Spaghetti all over the kitchen floor!

  30. anytime my husband is cooking!

  31. Anne Taylor says:

    these would help with nasty cat vomit

  32. Andrea Amy says:

    Every day with my kids, but specifically the time my youngest decided to take a full carton of eggs out of the fridge and smash each one on the floor while I was doing laundry. That was awesome :/

  33. Casey Miller says:

    Papertowels are great for cleaning the bathroom :)

  34. Audrey Skinner says:

    I spilled a full bottle of wine on my kitchen counter and it flew everywhere.

  35. SpongeTowels would have been perfect for when I dropped a blottle of pasta sauce on the tile floor and it shattered. What a mess!

  36. I have a 10 year old dog. At least once a month he pukes. He’s a big dog (hence lots of puke). Yeah… I’ve gone through a whole roll of paper towels cleaning up his messes. Maybe I wouldn’t need as much with Sponge Towels.

    Thanks for this giveaway!

  37. Elaine G says:

    it could have come in handy when the Kool-Aid jug got knocked over. What a sticky mess.

  38. Sponge towels could have come in handy when I spilled my milk on the table!

  39. bacon grease splatter

  40. It can come in handy when I’ve spilt eggs during breakfast.

  41. Great for when my 2yr old makes a huge mess at lunch or dinner!

  42. Cameron W says:

    When my niece spills her drink!

  43. Robert Wise says:

    When my cat knocked over his full water bowl on the floor

  44. Chocolate milk that was spilled in front of the refrigerator. What a mess!

  45. ginette4 says:

    The time that I went to but a bowl full of sauce on the counter but I hit the edge of the counter, bowl fell out of my hand, sauce all over the floor and the bottom cupboard door was open therefor sauce all over and in my plastic containers..sauce even hit the ceiling, what a mess, I don’t think I could have made a bigger mess if I had did it on purpose..so much for sauce leftovers.

  46. My cottage cheese lunch recently spilled into my lunch bag! Im sure they would’ve helped with that little mess :)

  47. My daughter is starting to move around on the floor, and with that comes lots of spitting up. We are always running for the paper towel to clean it up.

  48. Julie Bolduc says:

    After we have toco night the table gets so messy

  49. krislyn roth says:

    Yesterday a whole jug of OJ all over the floor could have used sponge towels

  50. Claudette Lariviere says:

    I take care of my 1 year old grandson five days a week, every meal once he has had enough he hits the spoon…lol… get out the sponge towels everyday for every meal..:-)

  51. Maggie C says:

    spaghetti splatters – I tend to splatter sauce all over when it is bubbling on the stove top.

    • I don’t know what I would do without paper towels to clean up splatters in the microwave oven from pasta sauce.

  52. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    the worst mess used to be cleaning the oven, fortunately I now have a self cleaning one for the first time and it’s marvellous. Now the biggest mess is when I’m baking and flour seems to go everywhere as does egg when being whisked. I guess I’m a messy cook :-(

  53. Cleaning eggs is the worst

  54. Francine says:

    Sponge Towels came to the rescue when we were training our puppy!

  55. Wendy hutton says:

    biggest mess is spilled oil

  56. broken eggs on the floor

  57. sarah sar says:

    I always need paper towels in the kitchen to clean up oil/grease spills and water off the counters when I do the dishes.

  58. victoria k says:

    The towels would help clean up the grease from the bacon.

  59. Brenda Penton says:

    Tomato sauce splatters while cooking.

  60. Tammy Dalley says:

    Spilled cereal!

  61. My son asked if he could have pudding…. I was doing laundry, thought he was getting a pudding cup. NOPE. He used the my stand mixer… milk everywhere, powder everywhere… goop everywhere…

  62. for any spills but especially when one of my cats vomit

  63. Debbie S. says:

    Spring being sprung at least last week putting me in the spring cleaning mood! I re-potted some plants with fresh soil and cleaned the bottom trays too. Then I watered the freshly re-planted plants on the kitchen cupboard, walked away came back and realized with water running all over, that I didn’t put trays under them. I reached for my roll of Sponge Towels and cleaned up the mess lickity split!

  64. mongupp (@mongupp) says:

    Raw eggs!

  65. Doris Calvert says:

    When my coffee maker overflowed

  66. When my kids want to eat in the living room, and spill their drinks.

  67. Sunshine G says:

    The myriad of random goo that my toddler creates under the table.

  68. Barbara Hutcheson says:

    ******My old dogs diarrhea on the carpet!!!!******

  69. When my grandson spilled yogart on the floor.

  70. Cleaning the bathroom, would really help wipe down all the soap suds

  71. When I spilled an entire bottle of cooking oil all over the floor!

  72. Maryanne says:

    Spilled a whole slurpee in my car.

  73. Donna L. says:

    cleaning up cat hairballs

  74. almost everything that drops on the floor. sponge towel best for cleaning up water, milk, etc

  75. Jennifer P. says:

    So many times!! When my daughter(s) spilled their milk all over the kitchen table/floor (which I am sure they will do again soon!), when my glass of water got knocked over on the kitchen island and soaked my ipad that was charging, when my daughter decided it would be a good idea to do a splatter paint project in the family room…

  76. Cleaning up spilled milk!

  77. Ronald G says:

    When I dropped a case of pop and three cans exploded…showering the floor, walls and even the ceiling

  78. when I spilled the juice, it’s really work great

  79. To clean up kitchen messes from food spilled to water. I am messy in the kitchen

  80. Cooper Lu says:

    the towel can clean up all the mess after I cook

  81. Can be very helpful on cleaning the wet bar

  82. My grandson has autism – and accompanying “meltdowns”. Yesterday, during a meltdown, he threw a large, full glass of juice across the kitchen, which, of course, left juice spread widely and glass all over the ceramic tiled floor. Sponge towels would have been much more useful in cleaning up, and ensuring that no glass pieces remained for him or the dog to walk on. Thanks for the chance.

  83. Dale Steele Nicolov says:

    I use them to clean up the excess grease from cooking pans before washing so that this doesn’t clog up my drains.

  84. Tomato sauce or waffle mixture

  85. angela m says:

    When my daughter dropped her glass of chocolate milk and it splattered all over my floor and walls

  86. Nicole B says:

    My son was helping cooking and he dropped an egg on the floor!

  87. Dustin Betts says:

    Sponge Towels are all we use!

  88. Moe Anderson says:

    My third grandchild leaves a tornado wherever he goes. A trail of destruction!

  89. michelle tremblett says:

    My daughter dropped a egg in the stove burner :/ yikes ! what a mess

  90. Melissa Avey says:

    About 10 times a day every time one of my kids eat LOL

  91. BobbiJo Pentney says:

    My son was doing his homework at the table and I spilled my tea. I hope he forgives me.

  92. Soda pop spills, they are so annoying to clean up and get all sticky. These could really help.

  93. Shellie Clark says:

    when my 12 year old has his buddies over

  94. great for baby spit ups

  95. SUMMER PLEWES says:

    I have 3 dogs. Messy muddy pawprints would definitely need help from this prize pack! Also, I’m a wine drinker (nuff siad right ladies?? lol)

  96. Anne Derkat says:

    Would be great to clean up spills from the floor when I am cooking.

  97. Karla Sceviour says:

    my hubby wasteed orange pop all over the floor,,it wasn`t nice.

  98. Sponge towels would have come in handy when hubby dropped a carton of a dozen eggs on the kitchen floor.

  99. milk on the floor

  100. James Robb says:

    Paper Towels are a Luxury!

  101. Having been married for over 40 years, the gadgets in my household are old too. Your site offers neat stuff.

  102. I am usually cleaning up spills from my ‘helpful’ four year old.

  103. Edith Rennes says:

    Grease spills on the stove

  104. When I dropped the mayo and the lid broke and the mayo went all over the place!

  105. ChristinaE says:

    When I dropped that jar of jam that broke all over the kitchen floor they could have come in handy for sure!

  106. Grease splatters from frying pork chops

  107. Jeffrey Rossnagel says:

    Orange juice on kitchen table this morning.

  108. Doris H. says:

    My dogs paws can get pretty messy and the floor. Sponge towels come in handy for this mess!

  109. i spilled some of my smoothie on the floor!

  110. Juice all over the place.

  111. Diana Plavins says:

    all the gadgets are so colourful

  112. laura feist says:

    great towels

  113. Nancy Fontaine says:

    I have a cat that gulps down his dinner and then throws up. Sponge towels would really help pick up that hot mess.

  114. Debbie White Beattie says:

    My dog knocked the garbage can over and made the ultimate mess. Sponge towels helped me clean it all up.

  115. Angela Mitchell says:

    I have a 16 month old who is contstantly spilling things, throwing food, smearing dirty fingers on walls, floors, windows… so I can always use some paper towels.

  116. Dorothy Pyefinch says:

    Every time my three year old grandson arrives he dumps my cat’s water dish onto the floor AND with three cats, that’s a lot of water (lol)! No problem with Sponge Towels as I can reuse and reuse and reuse the same paper towel to clean, rinse and start the process over again. Thank you Sponge Towels! You really know how to save this gals money.

  117. Heidi C. says:

    My 8 yr-old daughters decided to bake a cake for Daddy all on their own this weekend. Needless to say, I went through a lot of Sponge Towels in the clean-up!

  118. when I dumped my entire coffeemaker contents on my kitchen floor!

  119. shelley H says:

    puppy accidents

  120. Leanne Cobbledick says:

    My cat sometimes has hairball issues – Sponge Towels would be extremely handy for when she does!

  121. Cleaning up coffee that spilled all over the counter and floor

  122. Lori Bazan says:

    Last night I had boiled perogies and then was going to crisp them up in the fry pan. I did not realize how hot the oil was and had grease splatter everywhere!! Sure could have used Sponge paper towels to save the day and absorb the mess!

  123. vicki demunck says:

    when my son pulled a jug of milk out of the fridge and dropped it.

  124. BlessedTA says:

    Coffee and milk

  125. Tanya Heschl says:

    When I spilled half a bottle of vinegar in the laundry room

  126. Greg Travnicek says:

    When I dropped the jar of mayo in the kitchen (the bottle was plastic, so didn’t break but the lid was off so mayo went flying EVERYWHERE!)

  127. cleaning up milk

  128. I have a parrot who leaves little messes all day but his morning…um…mess definitely could benefit from a sponge towel.

  129. Carol A. says:

    Cranberry juice spills works perfectly.

  130. Irene Newstead says:

    With 2 dogs, 1 cat and a husband, it seems like I am constantly going for some paper towel to clean up their messes.

  131. When the cat’s food doesn’t agree with him.

  132. Marlene V. (Enelram) says:

    My son’s spills in the kitchen!

  133. everytime my husband goes into the the kitchen there is a mess.

  134. Teresa Claire says:

    I knocked over a container of flax seeds…such a mess everywhere!

  135. Julie Dyer says:

    My son is constantly spilling his apple juice on the table and the floor and SpongeTowels are always at the ready!

  136. We have a puppy. Enough said!

  137. Shana Langley says:

    When out basement flooded :(

  138. shannon b says:

    Sponge towels are great at cleaning up paint after my kids paint their masterpieces!

  139. DKnight509 says:

    Sponge Towels could have helped me clean up the pee mess my potty training toddler left on the floor. Unfortunately I didn’t catch her in time, and she left a surprise :(

  140. Brenda Smith says:

    When my pomerpoo pees and poos….all over the house :(

  141. Nicole tidman says:

    Always good to have extra on hand with a boyfriend and kitty around!

  142. Mike Kozseluha says:

    Spilling a glass of water on the kitchen floor

  143. Hubby claims he can cook. Huh!!! All he does is make a mess and I’m right behind him cleaning up.

  144. Carol M (Lushka S) says:

    Spilled mustard on the floor the other day

  145. MK Alexander says:

    I have a big old grandpa cat who pukes on the floor all the time.

  146. I had an egg roll off the counter the other day, I really could have used some sponge towels to help clean it up.

  147. Deanna Barkley says:

    It would help clean the gooey, slimy mess when I have accidentally dropped an egg on the floor and it broke.

  148. ivy pluchinsky says:

    when my 4 year old niece spilled milk all over the floor

  149. Cole Brash says:

    I would need the paper towels to clean up after our dog named Suzie who we just received about three months ago, so there are still some messes to be cleaned up from her. And I guess some from us as well.

  150. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard says:

    it would have been helpful when the juice split in the fridge

  151. jessica s says:

    perfect for all spills big and small! my babe has a habit of spilling his milk out of his sippy cup. would love to win thanks :)

  152. There’s nothing like a purple spatula to jazz up a kitchen!

  153. LILLIAN BROWN says:

    Wiping up the muddy footprints from my little rescue dog Princess☺

  154. Always cleaning up

  155. I was feeding my baby daughter and had just put a spoonful of food in her mouth when she sneezed everything right back out and all over the kitchen!

  156. Penny Bland says:

    Spilled the garbage can contents all over the floor

  157. Sponge towels are good for cleaning up greasy messes!

  158. When my little one spilt milk on the floor!

  159. nikki robak says:

    cat puke is hard to clean up but sponge towels is strong enough to clean it up

  160. Whenever my husband cooks! Lol

  161. Dog messes!

  162. When I took the juice out of the fridge and shook the container but the top wasn’t on tightly and it spilled everywhere

  163. GAIL WHITWORTH says:

    My grandsons love to make gingerbread playdough Christmas ornaments. However cleaning up the sticky remnants from everything they touch is a job for sponge towels

  164. babysquirrel says:

    My pets mishaps

  165. My dog recently got in the fridge, upset the eggs and strewn the contents all around, Sponge Towels would have been very helpful!

  166. Elaine R says:

    I bought eggs for the kids to decorate for Easter. Unfortunately, the carton dropped and most of the eggs ended up broken on the floor. Sponge Towels was a huge help in cleaning this slimy mess.

  167. Kateryna K says:

    My kitten

  168. The juice jug slipped out of my hand, and sticky orange juice went everywhere! I could have used some Sponge Towels right about then!

  169. Sadly, dog diarrhea is one terrible mess to clean up and I could use Sponge towels for that!

  170. The milk that is spilt. every. single. day.

  171. I’m klutzy and tend to end up cutting myself, so these would come in handy for all the blood lol

  172. Belinda McNabb says:

    All those spilled glasses by myself and my son

  173. We had the shelf in our “oil cupboard” come loose and spilled a variety of cooking oils all over our floor. That was quite a mess to clean up!

  174. Just tonight I spilled a glass of water on the floor, they would have come in handy for sure.

    Kevin Linkie

  175. Hugo Nielsen says:

    My guinea pig cage ! I clean him every night with sponge towels, they are the best

  176. Christine says:

    Anytime my 16 month old eats, it’s food everywhere!

  177. Dayna Wilson says:

    I dropped the bottle I was pumping into yesterday and spilled milk all over the coffee table. Sigh.

  178. Wiping up spills in the fridge!

  179. Carol Oddy says:

    I just finished cleaning out my Cockatiel’s bird cage, very messy job!! Really could have used some sponge towels for that job!!

  180. Juice or eggs!

  181. dropped an egg on the floor – thank goodness for paper towels. thanks

  182. when my pup makes a mess on the floor

  183. My biggest mess was dropping a full pan of lasagna on the floor

  184. Robyn B. says:

    Biggest messes in our house is always spilled juice.

  185. it’s either the dog or the four year old boy, they are both messy

  186. The day the ketchup bottle split when it hit the floor.

  187. Sponge towels are always part of our house hold. We run a Bed & Breakfast and they make are life easier.

  188. Wendy Jensen says:

    Sponge towels were needed to clean up the time that I accidentally clanked 2 750 litre bottles of red wine together and one broke spewing red wine all over my beige carpet.

  189. Lisa English says:

    helped clean up the first coffee of the morning spill.

  190. seham merzib says:

    My son who dropped orange juice on the floor

  191. patti barclay says:

    when we got our new little puppy – can’t have too many paper towels for the many accidents that happen along the way!

  192. Whenever I cut up a watermelon

  193. Dogs…always the dogs messes

  194. Virginia Buck says:

    Anytime my almost two yr old granddaughter comes to visit. She likes to clean up her own messes but I always have to come behind with my own Sponge Towel.

  195. Colleen C says:

    When I tripped over my dog while carrying a plate of spaghetti

  196. The time I dropped the bottle of vegetable oil and it broke and spilt all over the floor! That was a mess!!!

  197. when our old coffee maker decides to not click off when the pot is taken out

  198. roger simmons says:

    Water spilled by my Ferrets on my desk.

  199. Leigh-Ann Murphy says:

    Not so nice but our cats hairballs lol

  200. mary mary says:

    an elderly friend came over and knocked her full cup of coffee over, i had to run fast to try to clean it up before it went onto the beige carpeting!

  201. When my boyfriend spilled his coffee all over the kitchen floor.

  202. Pam Dafoe says:

    My two dogs are always running through the house with dirty paws…need I say more…lol!

  203. a jar of ragu sauce dropped and busted all over the floor

  204. Ruth Pickering says:

    a freshly made jug of lemonade that hit the kitchen floor

  205. PEGGY TRAMBLE says:

    When my puppy had an accident on the kitchen floor.

  206. SpongeTowels would have come in handy when my roommates son baptized the walls on his way to the bathroom one day… ugh… :S

  207. Thanks

  208. KittyPride says:

    When a carton of eggs fell on the floor, what a mess!

  209. Anytime i have spilled some sort of liquid on my floors

  210. The dog’s muddy paw prints.

  211. My boyfriend dropped a big pot of spaghetti sauce on the way to the dinner table. Would have needed a tiny bit more than just the towels, but they sure would have helped in a big way!

  212. tracey lynne says:

    Sponge Towels would really help with trapping and killing spiders; I hate spiders :)

  213. Cynthia Joncas says:

    Wiping a dirty face

  214. Jessica Wall says:

    I had just made a bowl of oatmeal and was trying to balance it where I definitely shouldn’t have been. You guessed it, it fell off the counter all over the kitchen floor. Definitely could have used those sponge towels in that moment, it was a terrible terrible mess! SO hard to clean up

  215. when my daughter spilt her whole glass ofpop at the restaurant! I was kind of embarrassed,… lOL!

  216. Our two year old baby granddaughter took a bowl of beet salad from the table as we were all reminiscing about the good ole days and by the time we clued in to this she had made quite a mess.She looked like a baby Barney and ooooof ! the highchair was covered in purple juice too.It would have been a perfect job for the Ultra Sponge Towels because no one wanted to lift her out of the highchair.

  217. I could use SpongeTowels after every meal because I have a husband who likes to cook but not clean up and a 3 year old boy who’s just well, being a 3 year old boy!

  218. Pat Drouillard says:

    hamburger grease

  219. my husband said a pepsi “exploded” in front of the fridge and I had a huge mess to clean up

  220. Christy M says:

    I use them to clean up the nasty mess at the bottom of the garbage can when the bag leaks. EWWWW.

  221. Cat vomit about once a week.

  222. Kristine Ewald says:

    I have a three year old :) enough said

  223. Carley L. says:

    SpongeTowels would come in handy whenever I have spills when trying to take homemade ice cream out the ice cream maker.

  224. aarone m says:

    cleaning up spilled drinks

  225. Elizabeth Nicholson says:

    Cat messes

  226. sarah miller says:

    cleaning up after muddy paws !

  227. Muddy paws all over the kitchen!

  228. Victoria Ess says:

    It would be great for cleaning up after baking!

  229. When a jar of mayonnaise smashed and broke on the edge of the counter. Mayonnaise, everywhere!

  230. everyday after cooking or baking!

  231. Sylvia Gold says:

    SpongeTowels would have come in real handy when my son spilled milk in the fridge and it went everywhere & also under the veggie drawers and it took me almost an hour to get the fridge smelling clean and fresh again.

  232. it is great for sopping up juice right away!

  233. spills by the kids

  234. Sarah Stickney says:

    whenever my son spills his juice

  235. Deanna S. says:

    Coffee Spills!

  236. A bottle of soya sauce spilled inside the fridge and I wished I’d had some Sponge Towels handy.

  237. Laurie P says:

    We’re constantly wiping up spilled water or milk. My little one love to sip on cold water, but is always spilling, or one of her sippy cups has leaked all over the place….

  238. Sara Kleipe says:

    Any vomit my son has thrown up on the floor!

  239. melissa m says:

    could have used it this morning for the sticky fingers and face!

  240. Jaime Brown says:

    If I would only had Sponge Towels when my daughter accidentally dropped her bowl of ravioli, everything splashed up my walls, floor and cupboards. I used the paper towels that were a store brand towel, but all it did was wipe the mess around end not even sucking up any of the mess, it took me about an hour and about 3 rolls of it just to get it up mostly.
    Sponge towels are a bit more expensive compared to my store brand, but I will spend that that little bit more so I can use a way more superior product. Thank you:)

  241. SpongeTowels comes in handle cleaning up spilled juice.

  242. JACKIE P says:

    Great for the spills I always get from being clumsy

  243. Frederick Bazin says:

    Perfect for past sauce clean-up!!!

  244. Ariel Chiu says:

    perfect for sauces!

  245. My cats will not use litterbox if its too dirty.., therefore use the concrete floor. Bleh!! So i use the papertowel for cleaning up that!!

  246. Jessica C says:

    This would come in handy with my two little ones , they are always tipping there glasses over and dropping liquids on the floor.

  247. Tolu Falaye says:

    I was trying to bake something and I spilled eggs all over the counter. I really could have used some sponge towels then

  248. I made the mistake of bringing the bird bath into the kitchen to try and clean it up but I spilled it on the floor before I could get to the sink. They would have been a big help cleaning that up.

  249. Wayne Lecoy says:

    I am entering your giveaway.
    It would be great to win the SpongeTowels and Top Chef Canada Gift Basket.
    In response to your question of What mess could SpongeTowels
    have come in handy to help with the clean up?
    SpongeTowels can come in handy to clean up coffee
    or juice spills and cleaning grease off the stove.
    Thank you for having this giveaway!!!!!!!!

  250. Linda Cox says:

    When I am watering plants and they overflow on table, grab a Sponge Towel, it makes clean up easy!

  251. Cleaning up some blueberry smoothie spillage.

  252. Great Stuff!

  253. Cathy Thompson says:

    We got a new puppy one year ago, and SpongeTowels would be the best way to clean up after him.

  254. Chris Stockford says:

    Clean up the biggest kitchen messes!

  255. I somehow managed to crack an egg onto the floor today…. def could’ve used them then!

  256. Kris Coghlan says:

    Spilt my red wine last night. What a mess! SpongeTowels to the rescue.

  257. kathleen marler says:

    these towels sound awesome!

  258. love these towels

  259. As the owner of two Siamese cats, and all hardwood floors, there are SO MANY kitty-related messes that I use paper towels for. The cheaper stuff just doesn’t cut it!

  260. laura feist says:

    I clean up with sponge towels if we spill something

  261. clean up dog tracks on the floor

  262. Sponge towels always come in handy around here! I have a 1.5yr old & a 3.5yr old who love making messes! Especially milk all over the place!

  263. Would come in handy with any mess that might arise with baking or cooking.

  264. Kayla Gilbert says:

    My dog came in the house full of mud.

  265. When my daughters “got into” the Vaseline!

  266. Diana Corlett says:

    Dropped an egg the other day…so hard to clean up…Sponge Towels would have come in handy!

  267. I always end up knocking over my drinks! That would be helpful.

  268. Sunshine H says:

    I had just finished filling up my Olive Oil dispenser that I keep next to the stove. Somehow as I turned to put the can back in the cupboard the glass dispenser got knocked over, so 500 ml of olive oil combined with shattered glass.

  269. Cat puke on the floor!

  270. Maegan Morin says:

    I have two children under the age of 5 and they make the biggest messes you could ever imagine. I could use this paper towel for juice, milk, food and sometimes even pee… sigh.

  271. Just yesterday as I was unpacking groceries I dropped a dozen eggs on my kitchen floor. Boy those towels sure would have come in handy at that moment. Took forever to clean up that mess

  272. Karen Ogonoski says:

    The other day when my son filled up the bathroom sink and didn’t turn the tap off. Water everywhere!!

  273. Penny Rayner says:

    My favorite colour!

  274. Amanda Hubbard says:

    When my dog decided to dump an entire jug of juice off my counter!

  275. Michelle K says:

    Could have used this this morning when my cat threw up

  276. Kelsie Rice says:

    Cleaning up all our baking projects!

  277. Susan Voth says:

    Love the prize pack!

  278. What a great prize pack, I love that I dont have to waster paper towels when I can pick the size of the towel I need so if it is only a little mess I use the little towel.

  279. a jug of juice that went under the fridge wish i had the SPONGE then :)

  280. We have a new puppy and the sponge towels would help with all the mess that comes with a pup

  281. My kids!

  282. Spinge Towels would be awesome at cleaning my kitchen after my boyfriend makes dinner

  283. Natashabjw says:

    I run a home daycare. My entire day, everyday includes messes that sponge towels could help me clean up :)

  284. Randy Hamilton says:

    Great for cleaning up after the dog when he has been out for a run in the mud :)

  285. last week during a dinner party glass with red wine felt on the table

  286. Jennifer Bruinsma says:

    To help when I accidently put tomato sauce all over my counters!

  287. Sponge Towels would come in handy when cleaning up after my boyfriend makes dinner

  288. This would help clean up faster after my hubby lol

  289. Well with having a home daycare we tend to have a lot of messy clean ups and sponge towels always save the day! If its not a messy lunch time clean up or a beautiful art project that leaves a mess behind :-)

  290. trekkerr57 says:

    EVERYDAY! I’m good at making messes!!!

  291. Spilt milk, but I didn’t cry over it; I used Sponge towels to clean it up.

  292. JoeCanada says:

    Love these towels!

  293. Laura Ashley says:

    When my husband dropped the container of Miracle Whip and it exploded everywhere!!

  294. Kimberly R says:

    Would LOVE to WIN!!!
    With a New pup I could use all the extra paper towels I can get.
    We are also huge foodies and would love some new kitchen gadgets.

  295. When my son spilled a whole bowl of sweet and sour sauce on the white tile floor.

  296. Two words….NAIL POLISH!! My daughter spilled a bottle of nail polish on our rug and I used this paper towel and nail polish remover…WALLAH!! No more stain on the carpet and no more daughter allowed to use nail polish!!

  297. When my cat spilled my Easter flowers on the table right before supper

  298. Haether R says:

    We are a family of 4 adults. 3 are male, need I say more. :)

  299. tonya brown says:

    when my crazy cat wolfed downa whole can of cat food and vomited it up minutes later on my leather couch. yucky mess

  300. when my son spilled his cereal all over the floor ty

  301. teresa etheridge says:

    these would have come in handy when my daughter broke a bunch of eggs on the counter :(

  302. Lil Malkovsky says:

    I overwatered a plant and it made a river on my carpet. These sponge towels would of been perfect!
    Thanks for the chance!

  303. Tainan Lu says:

    Good luck

  304. My Grandaughter had her 1st birthday and there was chocolate cake everywhere!!

  305. Kellie Demarsh says:

    would love a chance to win this

  306. My fiance’s cat is losing her winter fur and she is furballing a lot despite the furball control food we give her., my fiance can’t clean it up himself because he has a weak stomach. We ran out of Sponge Towels and I had to use toilet paper. It was not pretty and I almost was sick myself!! I borrowed money off my mom and got more Sponge Towels and told my bf very nicely that we shall NEVER run out of Sponge Towels EVER again.

  307. With 2 kids and a dog there are endless spills and messes to clean. Sponge towels help with all of those.

  308. Anything I ever spill! Like spaghetti sauce!

  309. Sally Piazza says:

    With 2 boys aged 8 and 10 as well as 2 dogs we are always cleaning up some mess with paper towels! Nothing better than a brand new can of tomato sauce that one of the boys dropped all over the kitchen floor that both dogs “try” to help clean up…. Paper towels to the rescue!

  310. Cleaning up after a 5 year old, a 7 year old, a 16 year old, a 19 year old and a husband.
    So ……. everyday! :D

  311. Corrina Dreger says:

    The many times my hubby and I spill our coffee cups at our computer desks … those would be the perfect times!!

  312. When I spilled my glass of pop right onto my laptop and power cord. Doh!

  313. adriana m says:

    when my bfs ex visited and spilled red wine on the white carpet

  314. Sarah Skaling says:

    I am a natural born klutz! So, I am constantly spilling things and knocking things over. (Yesterday I spilt a glass of water, and in the middle of cleaning that up, I dropped a glass of Milk!)

  315. Angela Castle says:

    When my son went to grab the juice from the fridge and it slipped out of his hand and it went all over the floor. whole juice jug full.

  316. Spongetowels would help me clean up my teenagers cooking messes ( disasters)

  317. Daily Doggy Cleanups…… :)

  318. Anything the kids spill!!

  319. Arlene Dominax says:

    when I spilled a whole can of Pepsi!!

  320. Dale Henderson says:

    With small children in the house anything and everything is cleaned up with Sponge towels !!! They like to help me when I bake so there are lots of messes !!!!

  321. With my grandson starting solid fods . Sponge towels would be so handy when he reaches for the baby spoon and then jerks his hand ,,, spatting against the walls arouud his high chair .

  322. Charlene Lawrence says:

    These sure would have been a BIG help with clean up after my husband helped me cook Easter dinner!!

  323. elaina marcotte says:

    When my son poured out an entire jug of milk on the living room carpet!

  324. I need Sponge towels when I explode food in my microwave

  325. phyllis ruszkowski says:

    cleaning up after my husband,kids and pets

  326. Adrienne Haggith says:

    My family uses the counter as a cutting board.. while the cutting board sits 2 feet away. I use the paper towels constantly!

  327. Sponge towels would come in handy everyday in my house. From silly spills to big messes! My cats are very helpful at causing both of those kinds of messes!

  328. celia glover says:

    I spilt a carton of milk1

  329. celia glover says:

    I spilt a carton of milk

  330. Jennifer Wilson says:

    I have a 12 yr old and a 2 yr old. I always have a mess that sponge towels could come in handy for.

  331. Christine Gold says:

    always needing new kitchen utensils and paper towels!

  332. Paula Young says:

    When my boys track mud onto my kitchen floor!!

  333. Angela Poplar says:

    When my 4 year old opened and SPILLED a whole can of grapefruit juice concentrate, SpongeTowels would have been extremely handy!

  334. Karen Roberts says:

    I use them everyday. With two boys showing their independence, spills happen a lot in our house.

  335. My little guy constantly is tracking mud into our house. My Sponge Towels always come in handy to wipe up the mess!

  336. Zeta McMillan says:

    when the roommate makes a mess

  337. bobbi chestnut says:

    makes clean up a breeze

  338. Karin Dollery says:

    My granddaughter is at the age where she wants to drink from a big girls cup without any help….”Nana I can do it, I can do it by myself ” needless to say it gets really messy and Sponge Towels are a huge help. Absorbs great :)

  339. Sponge Towels are most welcome in my house! With eight grandchildren a husband and a cat any mess can and does happen.

  340. I love love love the purple! how fun is that? Add a bit of color to an otherwise dull kitchen! Purple happens to be my daughters favorite color too!

  341. Kristen Hazlett says:

    My 2 year old is potty training and there have been a few puddles in the last week that could have used sponge towels!

  342. Only kind of paper towel we buy, we like the select a size option……Nice swag in this contest !

  343. Karry Lewis says:

    my husband was unclogging a kitchen sink and it backed up into the dishwasher.there was soaping bubbles all over the floor. I really could have used sponge towels

  344. Just used one on a puppy throw-up….you asked! :)

  345. Definitely would have come in handy when me and my kids were in the store and my son suddenly felt “sick”…. Was not a good day to be without SpongeTowels

  346. Everytime my kids spill their drinks or food sponge towels would come in handy :P

  347. Christina Van Somer says:

    Thanks for this giveaway :)

  348. Christina Van Somer says:

    Son is potty training so accidents happen

  349. My dogs make messes all the time, these really really help alot with that! And of course there are the boys in the family, everything seems to end up on the floor at some point during the day. They are always needed for quick clean ups here

  350. Florence C says:

    Cup of coffee all over the floor

  351. Kelly Baker says:

    When my cats came barreling through the kitchen and spilled their water and food dishes. Ugh!

  352. Harriette L says:

    For numerous spills, especially in the kitchen!

  353. Janice McWilliam says:

    When my daughter was younger, she decided she wanted to blow bubbles in the kitchen, little to my knowledge. Well next thing I knew, she was yelling for help and that she made a BIG mess. The bottle of bubble that she used was one of the big bottles that you use to refill smaller bottles of bubbles. She ended up kicking it over while she was dancing around to trying to pop the bubbles. Sponge Towels would have come been handy to have that day.

  354. when people/animals throw up! no stinky rag after paper towels much better! lmfao yuk but true

  355. With a little boy sponge towel is a life saver! My house is clean in no time

  356. My coffee maker decided to leak all over the counter, down the cupboards, and onto the floor. BIG mess to clean up and Sponge Towels would have been a dream for cleanup.

  357. Michelle Michaud says:

    My dog gets a little “excited when friends come over so we use Sponge Towels to clean her mess!

  358. Lyndsay ungar says:

    I have a 2 year old, enough said!! Lol

  359. Kendra Boudreau says:

    Just this past month my roommates and I were surprising our friend for his birthday. Needless to say the times got mixed up between guests while hosting this surprise party and we ended up needing to make cupcakes FAST. We were like hurricanes going through our kitchen with eggs, cake batter and frosting that our apartment looked like a disaster afterwards! At the time, we didn’t think there was an quantity of SpongeTowels large enough to clean up THAT mess!

  360. Tara Swerdfeger says:

    I have 5 children & constant spills. Only kind of paper towels I will use

  361. Tara Swerdfeger says:

    I have 5 children & 1 is autistic. Lots of messes here

  362. Christine says:

    I would love to win!

  363. These are great products! I’d love this package!

  364. Bacon grease spill

  365. When my cats knocked over a pot of spaghetti all over the floor when they were fooling around.

  366. Egg! Ugh! Hate that one!!

  367. Kathy Scott says:

    My husband is so messy. I need all the help I can get to clean up after him.

  368. Cindy Nickerson says:

    with a messy little boy and a messy hubby I never know what mess I’m going to need sponge towels for but one thing is for sure sponge towels help clean it all up nicely

  369. Cleaned up whole bowl of egg whites ,I was about to whip.I use the every day for the many messes we make around the house and garage.

  370. Rhonda M. says:

    Sponge Towels would of come in very handy the night I was packaging up some homemade soup, into a few of my food sealer bags… One of the bags fell over while being filled and the soup ran all over the counter, down the cupboards and on to the floor in the kitchen.

  371. Brigitte Sieler says:

    I have 2 dogs and I am comstantly using Sponge Towels to clean up paw marks especially when it rains,. I started to put a roll in my truck a while back just for the purpose of cleaning up after them. For example when i give them a drink while we are out and it drips off their moustaches, lol, its an easy cleanup! In the kitchen I use towels for eveything, cleanup, window, even drying my romain lettuce. I seriously can’t live without them!!!

  372. nimeha cote says:

    I couldve used a sponge towels today when i was making supper and i dropped a half a can of diced tomatoes on the ground.

  373. rebeccacallaghan says:

    I love selection a size for small or big messes. I spilled liquid soup once and only needed a small piece of towel to clean it up

  374. Well my Bf likes to place all his drinks on the computer stand and Sponge Towels would have came in n handy the night he knocked over his whole glass of pop and Ice cubes all over the desk,keyboard, mouse ,chair and the floor ..what a sticky mess to clean :/

  375. Sarah Morris says:

    When hubby spilled his coffee all over the kitchen counter!

  376. Edite Ferreira says:

    at three years old my son had the flu and after dinner began to throw up. Sponge towels came to the rescue as projectile vomit flowed from him for 10 + minutes. not fun.

  377. Marilyn King says:

    I use Scott towels all the time for the smallest cleaning job (cleaning up spills) to a bigger cleaning job (a big oil leak from a deep fryer). They work for everything

  378. Charlene says:

    I have kids need I say more. :)

  379. Spaghetti sauce spill.. Quite the mess lol

  380. Wendy Friesen says:

    I love Sponge towels to help with messy clean ups from the dogs drinking!

  381. Colleen B says:

    when my grandkids dropped a big glass of juice on the floor, instead of grabbing a towel

  382. My daughter is 11 months old and after she eats, the clean-up begins. The Sponge Towels would be helpful! :)

  383. Meredith Rector says:

    When I dropped and egg on the floor. Sponge towels cleans it up in no time.

  384. Irene Newstead says:

    I need and use A LOT of paper towels each and every time my husband “helps out” by cooking supper.

  385. Miranda L says:

    I could have used them this morning to clean up the coffee I spilled everywhere :P

  386. Birdie poop – did you know that wee lil budgies poop on average every 15-20 minutes – every time they’re about to fly you’ll see a tail feather shake to lighten the flight load – it’s cute when you think about it like this it’s kinda gross when you think about it as poop. Paper towels are a hot commodity around these parts!!

  387. Denise Hefforn says:

    When I shake my daughters sippy cup and the cover comes off, oh the mess and the paper towel becomes my best friend.

  388. A glass of blueberry smoothie that my son dropped on the kitchen floor.

  389. My roomate made soup at 3 am once. It exploded allll over the walls, stove, floor, window, everything. not a stitch of papertowel in the house that night, and at 3 am, none in sight. Tomato soup is not a flattering paint choice.

  390. jennifer capin says:

    comes in handy when my Hubby spills his morning coffee

  391. Tracy Suhan says:

    I was cooking with my grandbabies and turned to give them each some more cut bananas and knocked over the cup of soy sauce. Before I could reach for an old towel it ran under the stove. SpongeTowels would have come in VERY handy! We always have a roll out now!

  392. Kelly House says:

    When my young puppy had diarrhea aaaaaaall over the carpet :(

  393. Nicole W says:

    Could have used Sponge Towels last night, when I knocked over the same can of soda three times!

  394. The day my blender jar broke as I was making a smoothie and leaked all over my kitchen – with deep red beet staining color included in the mix. What a memory…

  395. so cool I love it all

  396. My daughter has a bad habbit of putting half-drank drinks back into the fridge….yup, grabbed something out and spilled a full glass of milk EVERYWHERE in fridge and then onto floor….sigh

  397. Luv it when my kids cook!! Always need SpongeTowels to clean up!!

  398. Silvia D says:

    could of used sponge towels was making a cake batter and lifted the beaters out of the bowel and…batter sprayed from ceiling to floor! not only once but twice!

  399. Kiley Barbosa says:

    My son is in the process of potty training and there are no shortage of messes to be cleaned up around here as a result…my favorite is the look mommy I peed and then lifts the potty in the air and…its everywhere

  400. Kim Noakes says:

    This would be a really fantastic gift and anyone who gets it will be over the moon and I am waiting patiently because I would like to be over the moon for once!!!

  401. I could have used the Sponge Towels last week when I had to clean out my cupboard under my kitchen sink, after getting new taps and a new hole had to be drilled in the counter. Grrrrrr.

  402. Chelsea D says:

    Cleaning up after my tornado of a 9 month old!

  403. Elaine Currie says:

    To help me clean up after my cat, who has a digestive problem and vomits frequently.

  404. With three children in the house, there many occasions when Scott towels would come in handy!! ;-) Definitely could have used some to scrub the nail polish off the hardwood floors….

  405. JoanneFoley says:

    Sponge Towels are great! I wish I would have had them when my dog got sick in the car! Anyway,they were part of the clean up when we got home & I learned my lesson to always keep them in the trunk of the car…….they are sort of like a best friend…..you always need them!

  406. Sylvie Daigle says:

    My oldest son is clumsy and drops food on the floor often. These would come in handy at thosetimes

  407. Krista Ellin says:

    When my son pulled the ketchup bottle out of the fridge and the plastic bottle broke all over the floor!

  408. Great giveaway. Love all the items.

  409. diane king says:

    clean up my spills of the floor

  410. Lisa Morris says:

    lol three kids Im sure I could come up with some great stories… one of the most memorable that I could have definitely used some Sponge Towels a few years ago when my 3 year old woke up at 2am and dumped out about 20 bottle of toll paint or each time she decided to dump a carton of eggs on the kitchen floor.

  411. I have an older cat and keep a roll handy for those “hair raising” (wink wink) times.

  412. Jessica G says:

    As an aspiring chef, I make a lot of messes in the kitchen, so sponge towels would help clean up everything! :)

  413. Kristina Ziegler says:

    My kids spilled juice all over the floor!

  414. Kristi Renout says:

    I have a 3 year old, and a 5 year old. Paper towels are a must at our house.

  415. Jenn Brine says:

    Sponge Towels worked great when I dropped my whole box of drinks I had pre-made for a party. I thought I was smart carrying them in the juice jugs, packed tightly in a box (for easy carrying) I was wrong :(

  416. Donna Copeland says:

    I have small grandchildren that LOVE to help their granny in baking. Well, sometimes it looks like a truck went through our kitchen! Love the time spent with my grandchildren and always need something for a quick cleanup!

  417. After my yorkie walks outside in the spring…mud everywhere, yuck!

  418. Spongetowls would come in handy to clean up the milk rim my kids always manage to leave on the table after breakfast.

  419. I’m fostering a cat and she’s rather, er, adverse to using the litter box :(

  420. Tonight when my suddenly larger family had my homemade spaghetti, honestly how does spaghetti sauce end up in so many places?!?

  421. michele forrest Hogg says:

    These poster yields would have come in handy when my Dayhome Kids got fingerprint all over my table, floors, walls and even a window

  422. Rachelle Chandonnet says:

    I would love a chance to win this …
    They would of made it easier to clean up broken eggs on the stove my son tried to help cook lol

  423. Genevieve Franklin says:

    to clean up dirty paw prints on the floor from my cat

  424. Cherin McKenzie says:

    Splatted ketchup all over the kitchen

  425. Dee-Dee Hillary says:

    They would have come in handy today, my 4 year old grandson was suffering with a migraine, and ended up power puking all over the back seat of my car.

  426. Katherine Clemens says:

    I have two cats, one of which is a 4 month old kitten…..she is super hyper so thinks tend to go flying & constantly have a mess to clean up curtisy of her!! This is where Sponge Towels come in handy for me!!

  427. Ronald G says:

    I have to reenter all my entries because you had the wrong email address (redwardggnon@shaw.ca) instead of the correct one posted here..so I have lost over 2 weeks of entries

    I dropped a bottle of coke that shattered on the floor and splattered the walls and ceiling

  428. Candace Silveira says:

    These sponge towels will help me with my twin boys and the messes they create. From juice to pudding and apple sauce. I’m constantly cleaning huge spills.

  429. When having to clean out my juicer i often have to use a whole roll cause its not good at getting it all but sponge towel does :).. really could use this

  430. Sharlene Borden says:

    Milk spill from cereal bowl

  431. marion vardy says:

    Split a quarter of paint on the bedroom floor.took awhile but it got clen up well with the paper towels..

  432. the dogs are always making messes of one sort or another. Please help me clean up these messes! lol!

  433. Carolyn Belair says:

    I use at least 3 rolls of paper towels every week. 3 men in the house and lots of messes……I have bought most brands out there but Sponge Towels are by far the best quality and value for the money. Great contest. Thanks.

  434. Susan Spidle says:

    Love to win some sponge towels. They could have helped me clean up the eggs my 2 year old dropped on the floor.

  435. Teresa Vollick says:

    Had an oil spill all over my kitchen, sponge tiles did the trick

  436. There are always spills at my house. We use Scott Towels because they are so absorbent and don’t require a lot of towels so they last longer. Thank God for them!

  437. Its handy for any mess in the house but used for baby formulas messes very often in my home.

  438. when I open the fridge door and the water from the fridge has overflowed a bit and splashes on the floor!

  439. Cindy Wood says:

    Always handy for cleaning up after pets and kids, especially wet paws !

  440. I have a husband…too many stories where I could use SpongeTowels!!

  441. Rhonda Morrison says:

    Daughter had a fight with her oatmeal this morning. Oatmeal won. It is everywhere. I could use some now!

  442. Robin Grace-Goodwin says:

    My grand baby was about 11/2 and she had a bowl of mashed carrots and she dropped them on the floor from her high hair and when they hit the floor they flew everywhere the ceiling the fridge, walls and even the dog:) let me tell you they sure came in handy then! But we all had a good laugh and I took pics:)

  443. melissa W says:

    when my son threw up all over the kitchen floor..ick! that was a multi papertowel need!

  444. was making pizza dough the other night and these SpongeTowels would come in handy for my flour mess on the countertop

  445. I have three boys, so any mess that they leave needs sponge towels

  446. donna l stockley says:

    my 4 year old had tummy problems this morning :(

  447. when my 2 boys aged 3 and 5 decided they wanted to have a slip and slide in my kitchen by breaking open a full carton of eggs on my floor… oh my what a mess I really could have used Sponge Towels for that mess

  448. to clean up after my dog

  449. spilled tomato soup. Splashed on everything!

  450. I have a 7 month old daughter who likes to spit up! SpongeTowels would come in handy to clean that up!

  451. Krista K says:

    I would love to win this prize pack!!

  452. My 10 month old daughter has decided that EVERY food she eats NEEDS to be smushed into her hair!! Needless to say those paper towels would come in handy!

  453. My little dog barfs bile when her tummy gets too empty. Sponge Towels would be useful cleaning it up

  454. When I spilled the deep-fryer over!!!!!!!

  455. wanda macsween says:

    When my dog has accidents!

  456. WENDY BARRETTE says:

    When my Mom and I were making blueberry and strawberry jams!

  457. Spilled coffee!

  458. karen petrychko says:

    I have many many ways to use these !

  459. Jan Barrette says:

    I love sponge towels! My family needs them as we’re constantly spilling things!

  460. I always make a saucy mess when I’m making a stirfry!

  461. Lana Roberts says:


  462. Elaine Buonsante says:

    Great for cleaning up those raw eggs that slipped out of my hand!

  463. We recently had a bad turkey gravy mishap

  464. SpongeTowels would of come in handy this morning when I dropped the coffee filter full of wet grounds on the floor :S

  465. When kids dropped cereal all over the floor

  466. A few years ago I tried to make black bean brownies. You mix all the ingredients in a blender then just pour it into a pan. Easy, right? Except the bottom of my blender fell off on the way to the pan and there was chocolate brownie mess everywhere! I took anything I could out to the yard and hosed it down, but there was still a huge mess inside.

  467. Sandra S says:

    Just today my cat threw up and Sponge Towels did come in very handy!

  468. Wendy Lange says:

    Muddy dog paws from two puppies we had visiting on a particularly day when the snow was melting in the back yard.

  469. Jennifer D says:

    I love tea but have a drippy tea pot! Sponge towels would help clean up all my little spills!

  470. Jacky Ton says:

    Spilled pop!

  471. Angela Erickson says:

    I dropped a jar of salsa, part in the fridge and part on the kitchen floor. There was salsa and glass everywhere.

  472. Terry Perron says:

    Cleaning muddy paw prints on my counter. My cats thinks its a great place to nap

  473. Amberleah says:

    Sponge Towels would be great when cleaning up messy muddy foot tracks on my floor from our 3 fur babies.

  474. Julie Farmer says:

    SpongeTowels would have been handy when my carton of milk leaked in my bag and I left a trail behind me!

  475. lots of spilled milk from grand kids

  476. Terri O'Donnell says:

    SpongeTowels would have come in handy when my son spilled Orange Juice all over the seat in my truck

  477. Need towels always.

  478. Sponge towels could come in handy with my everyday kitchen cleaning.

  479. I’ve been baking a lot lately to so clean up the mess I make… I always place a spoon or spatula with wet ingredients on the counter! Very annoying! Paper towels will be so helpful

  480. Anytime my hubby cooks, there’s always a trail of spills to clean up!

  481. S. Jackson says:

    when my daughter was painting she tipped over one gallon of paint!

  482. I really could of used sponge towels to clean up when my son was 2 and pulled a chair up to my fridge and dumped soya sauce all through my fridge and freezer.

  483. Lots of spills in the kitchen in my house!

  484. Tyler Anthony @TylerAnthony989 says:

    Split a garbage bag full of old greasy popcorn all over the back of my van last week.

  485. Yesterday for sure! I was cleaning my windows and after an really long winter they were nasty! I could have used Spongetowels for sure!

  486. A butler of hot tea literally exploded today. They would of made cleaning up the mess a lot easier.

  487. All the spills my kids make

  488. Laura Richardson says:

    When my daughter decided to make me breakfast in bed as a surprise

  489. At a games night, someone was carrying a jar of salsa and tripped, tossing the open jar which caused the salsa to spread all over the walls, floor and ceiling!

  490. Samantha says:

    The time my son accidentally smashed a brand new bottle of olive oil on our kitchen floor, and we had no paper towels. Sponge Towels REALLY would have helped then :)

  491. Treen Goodwin says:

    When my dogs have muddy paws :) thanks for the chance :)

  492. holly o'gorman says:

    Impossible to choose just one, but I’d have to say spilled cups of milk, everywhere, all the time!

  493. Bronwen Dwyer says:

    When a container of dijon mustard fell off of the fridge door and smashed on the floor >_<

  494. my wifey literally just spilled tomato sauce – off i go to help!! lol

  495. Maegan delorme says:

    Could come in handy now that my daughter is learning to drink from a cup.

  496. stephanie says:

    I have a 2 year boy who loves to paint. the days he spills his paint all over it would be nice to have spong towel to clean it

  497. dingolvob says:

    two wet, muddy puppies running through the house!

  498. My son spilled a cup of olive oil all over the floor, tough to get that one cleaned up

  499. Adriana F says:

    When my daughter decided to pour her own juice…quite the disaster

  500. Cat spit-up – it happens! Need the Sponge Towels!

  501. Rhonda W G. says:

    With 3 pets there seems to be messes quit often from paw prints to the occassional “accident”!

  502. My cat knocked a bowl of ice cream off our table by accident. Scared the heck out of the cat, and leading to quite the mess!

  503. Irene Newstead says:

    We have 2 dogs, 1 cat and 2 people who all cause messes, so we do go thru a lot of paper towels.

  504. Stephen K. says:

    A hot dish of soup broke the glass shelf in our fridge – big noise and a bigger mess.

  505. Paula R says:

    love the prize

  506. It would come in handy when i spill stuff all over the kitchen counter.

  507. Janie N says:

    on a hot day, I dropped the butter dish. Butter splatter everywhere!! some messes are made for paper towel :)

  508. Danielle says:

    One time I dropped an entire bottle of olive oil on the kitchen floor. The paper towel I was using wasn’t absorbing the oil as well as I would’ve liked:P

  509. I have two dogs, hairballs from a cat and two kids, where do I start? How about I tell you the things that DON’T need cleaning up. Shorter list.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zo

  510. A great gift

  511. Monica F says:

    My baby trying out cereal for the first time!

  512. Marvin says:

    Sponge Towels are always handy to have around to clean up spills.

  513. Lee-Ann S says:

    The never ending stream of mud my dog seems to be bringing in from outside!

  514. Bailey-Eileen Parr says:

    I was baking with xanthan gum gluten free, and spilled it on the floor and forgot about it. Then when it got wet, OMG what a sticky mess and the other paper towel would not clean it up but made more of a mess.

  515. stacey h says:

    3 cats = lots of hairballs. sponge towels are great for them.

  516. SpongeTowels would be perfect for cleaning up spilled milk. No need to cry over it ;)

  517. Tara Gauthier says:

    My son dropped the open milk jug..definitely could have used spongetowels!

  518. Ashley Monk says:

    this morning i was pouring a bowl of cereal, and the flow of the milk had hit one of the pieces in a wrong way, and the milk splashed everywhere..! much like a spoon under a running tap. if i had some sponge towels to help clean it up, it would have made me feel a lot better. lol

  519. Rosanne Robinson says:

    A glass of red wine accidentally got knocked over when we had the family over for dinner. It made a huge mess all over my new table cloth, we sure could have used the sponge towels to get the mess cleaned up quickly & saved my table covering from being ruined!

  520. Pamela Fontaine says:

    The first time I made pancakes, there was more batter on the stove, floor, counter and wall than the actual griddle. I could have used Sponge Towels to clean up that mess! The pancakes were delicious, by the way!

  521. Lynn Hawton says:

    I am always cleaning up after my husband. He is a wonderful help around the house but usually leaves messes in his wake especially in the kitchen.

  522. Karlene says:

    Once my husband enters the kitchen I have to go behind him with the Sponge Towels. Disaster in the making…every time!!

  523. alvin funk says:

    Towels must be strong when wet, these are strong when wet… that is the difference between them and others…

  524. patricia says:

    a dozen eggs all over the floor ugh

  525. There isn’t any mess it doesn’t clean up! With kids and pets, there hasn’t been anything it hasn’t stood up to the challenge of cleaning

  526. Melissa Flavin says:

    When my 2 boys are forever spilling their drinks across my kitchen table lol

  527. With a 2.5 year old they would come in handy almost daily!

  528. wendy brown says:

    it helps me when my kids and husband make a mess on the kitchen floor

  529. Susan Keeping says:

    The towels would come in handy for cleaning up when my aging cat throws up almost daily. I am also badly in need of kitchen utensils. I have one knife and one spatula :)

  530. Janet Sian says:

    Juice, on the kitchen floor… almost everyday! Sigh…

  531. Jennifer says:

    I once dropped:
    * a whole carton of eggs,
    * two 2L bottles of pop that exploded and spun around while I tried to awkwardly “stop” them.
    * a bottle of glass face foundation (who decided glass would be the best thing to package it in anyway)
    * oh bright fire engine red nail polish. EVERYWHERE… I mean… EVERYWHERE
    *or that time i tried to dye my hair at home, thought it was going well, turned around and noticed… not so much, I had gotten hair dye ALL over the wall/door/floor/ceiling

    what I’m saying is I’m a mess magnet. and I guess its just so fitting that I work at a Daycare. :)

  532. This would be great!

  533. Andrea Vanderleest says:

    My sister was making mushroom soup. The pot boiled over. She and our father drank up the soup from around the element with straws!!!

    PS- I have pictures to prove it!!!

  534. Maria Jose Pica says:

    My kids let my vase fall full of water on my dining room table.. wanted to cry.. but saved it

  535. Barb Adair says:

    In front of the fridge were juice gets spilt and nobody can clean it up except “mother”!!!!!

  536. sponge towels are the only paper towel that i use love them

  537. When I broke a jar of jam on the floor.

  538. Phoebe P. says:

    I spilled my iced tea all over yesterday. I really wished that I wasn’t out of paper towel.

  539. Bon Carter says:

    I use Sponge Towels for everything..they are always my go-to!

  540. I have 5 kids…..in other words, I go thru A LOT of paper towels!! We have spills and messes all the time!

  541. Carol Barrette says:

    I wish I had Sponge Towels when I forgot to put my mug under the drip of my Keurig today. What a mess.

  542. Colleen B says:

    just wiping up everyday spills from my grandson

  543. Rhonda Langille says:

    One of my rescue cats has a digestive and skin condition where he sometimes cannot digest his food properly. When this happens, I could use Sponge Towels to clean up the mess he leaves on the floor !

  544. I stepped on a 2 liter carton of milk on the floor in the backseat of my daughter’s car. Sponge towels would have helped, but I may have needed a whole case even with their awesome power. :)

  545. Could of used some sponge towels the other day when the husband mistakenly used dish soap in the dishwasher. Boy that was a mess. Bubbles all over the kitchen floor.

  546. I was in bed yesterday am when my hubby told me not to freak out if I go to the kitchen and that he will clean up after himself. I had to look…half the cupboards open, spices all out, coffee grinds everywhere from making it, bowls out, I don’t know why a chair was in the middle of the kitchen, just a mess!! I went back to bed. That was the start as we had people over for dinner and between wine, cake icing and chicken….the counters are greasy and messy! What a messy man I live and put up with sigh.

  547. Katharine W says:

    When my daughter decides to take the juice out of the fridge and the lid wasn’t on properly, let’s just say we had a big mess on the floor in front of the fridge.

  548. Tracy Delorme says:

    Whenever my kids spill anything, water, juice, milk,eggs,etc.

  549. Natasha McMurray says:

    I don’t know what I would do without Sponge Towels. I have kitties. Some of which are full of crazy. I am always cleaning up after they knock things over. They have saved me on more than one occasion. So if I won a years worth of them I would be a super happy camper. And my hubby loves purple. So if we had all purple utensils… maybe he would do some more cooking. Have your people call my people with the good news!!

  550. Chandra Christine O'Connor says:

    the yogurt mess my hubby makes all over my island

  551. Tracy Espinola says:

    Almost every day with 2 boys and a dog :) The worst was when my hubby was making strawberry smoothies and turned on the blender without the lid on…oh what a mess :(

  552. I have a 3 year old toddler…..Moms and dads need I say more ;) Paper towels a must!

  553. Shannon says:

    When my baby boy peed all over my bathroom :-S

  554. Marianne says:

    I’m so clumsy I am always spilling everything I’m drinking! Tea, water, juice, and even wine!

  555. Molly Ann says:

    Chilli. Everytime Chilli is made in our house the stove gets dirt when it cooks. One paper towel and I can wipe it ip, rinse and use agian!

  556. Frances Robins says:

    With kids and dogs always have lots of messes to clean.

  557. JENNIFER HART says:

    Sponge towels probably would have helped with the whole 1 liter glass jar of maple syrup I dropped and smashed on the floor!-thanks!

  558. Janice Dama says:

    When the tomato juice can popped and splattered juice from ceiling, light fixture, walls, floor and anything else in its way, including me!

  559. Courtney Turner says:

    I use sponge towels to clean all my kids messes! I go through a roll every 4-5 days.

  560. I use them in the bottom of my plant boxes! retains the moisture and doesnt let soil thru

  561. Theresa Harrison says:

    when opening the fridge and a carton of eggs fell from the shelf, opening on its way to smash on the floor and spray the fridge and cupboards – yuck!

  562. Diana Cressey says:

    Sponge Towels have become an indispensable addition to my kitchen and household for not only wiping up many different spills (coffee maker explosions, spills of all kinds in the fridge, wiping up after children, and messes brought in by Winter boots) but also for cleaning all over the house (bathroom, windows, and all over Spring cleaning) as well as in our vehicles. They are the only towels that actually don’t fall apart for cleaning purposes and pick up all the spills with minimal number of towels.

  563. Luciano says:

    When I slipped coffee all over the kitchen when trying to have a romantic breakfast and laughing all the time after cleaning up with Sponge Towels

  564. Emily Legary says:

    With 5 busy boys there is always a mess needing cleaning. Sponge Towels have come to my rescue many times.

  565. Michelle K says:

    They would have been handy when my cat threw up

  566. When my puppy decides to eat things off the floor that aren’t good for him. I need these towels to clean up this mess.

  567. just wiping up all spills that happens from day to day

  568. Marie Savarie says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  569. Carolle Hall says:

    To wipes those everyday mess that happen in my kitchen

  570. Susan Voth says:

    Ooh interesting giveaway!

  571. Katherine Clemens says:

    Love, love, love Sponge towels for all my clean ups!!!!

  572. Lauren J says:

    Sponge towels would have come in handy when my son spilled the container of milk on the kitchen floor!

  573. Michelle Q says:

    the day we moved into our new place my 1yr old dog decided to urinate on the cream coloured carpet, to “mark” his new “territory”.. I really could have used SpongeTowels to clean up that mess! That, combined with the daily messes of 7, 10 & 15yr old kids (plus a second, older dog), SpongeTowels could be my new best friend! lol!

  574. Danielle says:

    I have 2 very creative kids and with creativity comes messes definitely always cleaningbspills

  575. Cant think of a day without the Sponge towels! Makes life that much easier with a handy towel!!!

    Fingers crossed

  576. adilac says:

    would have helped when I spilled my tea!

  577. Matt Sharpe says:

    My Bulldog ate an entire package of hotdogs…enough said :S

  578. Jessica J says:

    Sponge towels would have been so handy…. during a week with my best friends ( while parents were away) when a glass of dr pepper flew off the table and splashed all over the wall & table…

  579. Rosemary says:

    I think our messiest spill clean up would be when we cook eggs,somehow the egg before its cooked,gets slopped on our countertop and sometimes even the floor.I find ordinary towels don’t do the trick. I would love to give Sponge Towels a try and love the purple cooking utensils ,purple is my fav color to.My kitchen is white,so the color of course would match.And all the other goodies are awesome. I would give some coupons to my family and friends,so they could try the sponge towels to. My kitchen is ready for something new to brighten it up.

  580. love them for cat messes lol

  581. allicia says:

    My husband tends to make a mes whenever he makes spahgetti, sponge towels work well to clean it up.

  582. Amie Pepper says:

    My Son dropped a bottle of Maple Syrup all over the floor but didnt tell me he did it and the whole bottle was empty when i found it. It was EVERYWHERE lol

  583. Corrina Dreger says:

    As always, the spilled coffee that my hubby consistently spills at his desk while gaming! Haha

  584. Meagan P says:

    I’ll use them to clean up after my son. Baby+self feeding=big mess

  585. Melissa says:

    My daughter spilt a drink all over the country and floor!

  586. Joanne Foley says:

    Oh….if only I had those Sponge Towels when I dropped those eggs on the floor as I was taking them out of the fridge. The clean up would have gone much faster!!!

  587. shannon cormier says:

    dog vomit! ugh! sponge towels do the trick though! :)

  588. Lori R says:

    A full bottle of pop fell off the cupboard and exploded all over the kitchen, ceiling, cupboards, floors and people! What a mess.

  589. Marie Constantineau says:

    My daughter spilled a glass of water.

  590. Elizabeth says:

    I love sponge towels. They are an easy way to clean up one of the many messes that my kids make in a day. They also don’t leak or leave behind little shreds if paper towel like other kinds. Make is easy to clean windows and mirrors.

  591. Linda sv says:

    Sponge towels are great for cleaning up spills such as milk and spaghetti sauce

  592. My daughter spilt her glass of juice.

  593. dawn walsh says:

    the dogs spring muddy foot prints

  594. Melissa says:

    They are good for everything

  595. Jess Mersereau says:

    New puppy messes!!!

  596. With a pre-schooler and a 6 year old with special needs I have my fair share
    Of messes – inside, outside, in my car and at the office!! Sponge towels are a wonderful mess helper :)

  597. Kaila Hanna says:

    When my son spilled coffee all over the side table and floor

  598. Laura Snoek says:

    to make a nice little nest for orphaned baby birds

  599. carrie rutherford says:

    hope to win

  600. natalie yeoman says:

    i love to bake which means i make a lot of messes so this would help me clean it up i always get batter everywhere

  601. Kathryn Mattatall says:

    When I dropped a dozen eggs on the floor, it was quite the mess. SpongeTowels did the job easily!

  602. linda clark says:

    Children always seem to be in a hurry! Someone didn’t put the cap on the 2l pop bottle tightly before they laid it down on the shelf in the fridge…..sponge towels would have came in handy!

  603. Debbie Avery says:

    New puppy what more can I say.

  604. Tara T says:

    Last week We decided to freshen up the paint in the kitchen using the same paint we used before. I picked up the paint can to find that the bottom had let go, paint came out and went all over the place it was a huge mess! Sponge towels would have come in great.

  605. Tara T says:

    last week we decided to freshen up the paint in the kitchen with the paint we already had. When I lifted the can, the bottom gave way and paint went all over the place, it was a huge mess! sponge towels would have come in handy here.

  606. When my son spilled his slurppee everywhere!

  607. When I dropped a container of yogourt on the floor.

  608. Ashley says:

    Love giveaways and Scott papertowels!! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  609. Mommyg says:

    You can never have enough spongetowels when you have small kids.

  610. fayeza says:

    My 1.5yr son used to cover all his face and hands and table while eating fruit yogurt or other food. The sponge towel cleans the mess from everywhere.

  611. fayeza says:

    My 1.5yr son used to cover all his face and hands and table while eating fruit yogurt or other food. The sponge towel cleans the mess from everywhere.

  612. Caralyn Rubli says:

    Laundry soap spill

  613. boovgirl says:

    Jam cooking splatter!

  614. sharon Arsenault says:

    The would be awesome to win….Thank’s for the chance

  615. I have a cat with bladder issues… this leads to needing good papertowl often. and well I love purple

  616. Laurie L says:

    I’m in the process of repotting my bedding plants. I NEED SpongeTowels!

  617. Janet Lee-Tobin says:

    I could really use them to clean up after my husband leaves prints on things after coming in from working on the car.

  618. Heather Paterson says:

    I have a 3 year old and a 5 year old, plus I babysit. Paper towels are just as much a staple in our house as milk.

  619. Kristen Dawn says:

    My 6 year old was helping me bake cookies for her dad, she insisted on getting the eggs from the fridge…. lost 9 out of a dozen but sponge towels made the mess a breeze to clean up and she even helped clean up the mess too :)

  620. Vannessa Williams says:

    A recent break up in the family was definitely a mess that could have been sponged up!

  621. Melanie F. says:

    SpongeTowels would have come in handy when my husband spilled soup all over the counter.

  622. cat messes such as upset stomach or when they are having hairball issues…could be handy

  623. Lorelei says:

    Perfect towels love them have a puppy cleans up messes fast

  624. Shannon says:

    Would love to win the gift pack!

  625. cassandra sarling says:

    a house full of flu victims…need i say more?

  626. Susan Merrin says:

    When my grandson dropped a jar of jam getting it out of the refrigerator.

  627. Sherri Reeves says:

    Someone put a full milk bag inside a SMALL plastic cup in the fridge…the cup tipped over and the bag leaked all over the fridge and the floor!!

  628. Need it

  629. Melissa Hewett says:

    Any mess I make, I am a klutz in the kitchen. Would love to win this.

  630. My kids wanted to make eggs but dropped them trying to take them out of the fridge, what a mess. Wish I had sponge towels to clean up that mess

  631. There are all kinds of spills here, everyday. From water, to yogurt. Spongetowels would always come in handy. :)

  632. Roxanne Keeper says:

    Yesterday, when I dropped the two liter jug of juice.

  633. Shannon says:

    It helps clean up after my animals when they make a mess.

  634. Rachel Atwood says:

    Please enter me in the Top Chef Canada / Sponge Towels giveaway contest, really hope to win because it’s a great and very useful prize!

  635. kaitlin says:

    My two month old daughter projectile pukes all the time and it normally lands all over the floor. :p thank god they aren’t carpet !

  636. Three kids and a dog make big messes. I need lots of paper towels!

  637. Brandie D says:

    For when my baby throws her food all over the floor!!

  638. This would be a dream come true for my daughter and I and I promise it would be put to great use. Thank you in advance ♥

  639. Lousia Decker says:

    When the pot boiled over on the stove

  640. Trisha says:

    Is there another paper towel? I think not, I only use Sponge Towel!!!

  641. Wanda Jean P says:

    the messes that my grandson tries very hard not to make..I think he wears and spills more than he eats.

  642. Laurie says:

    My grandson was helping me make chocolate pudding, and he dropped the bowl pudding every where, oh what a mess

  643. Josee B says:

    I spill things all the time!, its part of my DNA!

  644. Steve muise says:

    Everyone needs a purple spatula in their kitchen. The rest of the prize pack would be useful too. Lol
    My dog knocked over a whole jug of milk. It took a whole roll of paper towels.

  645. Colleen Rose says:

    A 2 litre bottle of pop fell,to the ground open and sprayed the kitchen like a firehose .what a great prize this is !

  646. Di Henderson says:

    I use them for spills like milk, juice and sticky pop & for food that drops my dog takes care of that .

  647. Violet Smith says:

    The two jars of Salsa that broke this weekend. Really messy to clean

  648. Laurie Burns says:

    The time I spilled spaghetti all over my dog!

  649. Charlene Lucas says:

    I could have used it when I spilled my entire first cup of coffee of the day all over my desk this morning! Happy Monday to me LOL :-)

  650. Carol Kuntz says:

    When the kitchen sink was clogged, and silly me tried to run the dishwasher.. SUDS everywhere! LOL!!!

  651. Anita Farnsworth says:

    Helps me with everyday spills having 3 boys in the kitchen!

  652. I live with two guys. This would be so helpful!

  653. cleaning up a leak in my trailer, when I opened it up for the season

  654. Susan Corkum says:

    Sponge towels clean up everything, especially cat puke…

  655. Tammy Groen says:

    Just this morning as i reached into the fridge to grab the milk – my son had left an open sunny d bottle on the shelf ya the one you sip from with no cap – out of the fridge it falls at my bare feet i then go to pick it up and it rolls away from me – of course spilling all over the floor with every rolling turn – sure could have used some sponge towels this morning!!!

  656. Brenda Smith says:

    The mess my hubby makes when he ”insisits” on cooking me his special curry chicken stew…he stains our cupboards yellow every time!

  657. Lisa Hill says:

    When my dogs leave those wet dirty paw prints on my floors

  658. Danielle says:

    I have 2 little boys (22 months and 7-1/2 months), and another baby on the way…Paper towels ALWAYS come in handy!!! One of my boys spilled his milk on the floor the other day, and paper towel is the easiest, neatest way to clean that sort of mess up.

  659. Brenda Anderson says:

    I use these towels every day! Life is messy! I am a really messy baker and can use scott towels to wipe down everything!

  660. We are renovating and i have been without a proper kitchen for a year so spills of any size are a serious issue, gladly i have sponge towels on hand to clean them up quickly before they can add to the mess, just recently redoing bathroom needed papertowels badly when removed our tiolet to put in new one

  661. When my daughters helps her self (4) to liquids and the cup moves and liquids every where.

  662. invisiblemissile says:

    grape juice spill yesterday!

  663. rs contesters says:

    Lots of spills this weekend!

  664. rts contesters says:

    Spilled wine!

  665. dds contester says:

    i spilled milk!

  666. Penny Johnson says:

    purple please



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