Review: Nokia Lumia 625 & Nokia Lumia 1020 Now in Canada

Nokia recently announced the availability of the Nokia Lumia 625 and the Nokia Lumia 1020 in Canada. You may have noticed them around? They are pretty eye-catching.


When I received the Nokia Lumia 625 to review I was excited to have a new backup phone in case my beloved -name removed- phone was out of commission. The minute the 625 was in my hand I knew I was in trouble. The 4.7 inch screen caught my attention. I mean how could it not. Then I turned it on. So long -name removed- phone. The Nokia Lumia 625 comes in with a display screen size of 4.7 inches and that means bragging rights for one of the biggest screens on the market. Oh but the Nokia Lumia 625 is more than just a big screen.

The on/off, volume and camera control buttons are all on the right side making it easy to navigate. I thought that the size of the screen -did you catch the 4.7 inches?- would make it hard to navigate. Was I wrong. The Nokia 625 is easy to scroll and use with one hand. Something I could not do with my -name removed- phone. The screen also boasts “Sunlight Readability Enhancement, High Brightness Mode, Color Enhancement and Super Sensitive Touch“. All of those are appreciated by this old -name removed- phone user and are evident the moment you turn on the Nokia 625.
The camera has way more bells and whistles than my now forgotten -name removed- phone. Using a new feature called dual capture, the Nokia Lumia 1020 simultaneously takes a high-resolution 38 megapixel image for endless editing opportunities, and creates a 5 megapixel picture that is easy to share to social networks with Windows Phone 8. I only wish I could use it to take a picture of it. The Nokia 625 also comes prepared to edit and share you photos. The camera apps included are very cool. Do more with your photos: create action shots, remove objects, blur backgrounds and capture the best smiles. Editing your photos is a snap on the big screen.

The Nokia 625 comes with Windows Phone 8 OS. I had never used a Windows phone before and did not realize what I was missing. Just imagine doing all your office work using familiar Outlook and Office then playing your XBOX games. All on the same phone. Business owners and office types will appreciate the ability to use the phone for work and play. The possibilities are not wasted on this blogger.


Overall the Nokia Lumia 625 is a whole package phone. Fantastic OS, easy to use camera with lots of editing options, Outlook & Office, BIG screen, easy and comfortable to use (often overlooked), 4G compatible makes the Nokia Lumia 625 a great option as this gals #1 phone. My -name removed- phone has been moved to the tech storage spot for use as a replacement for my 625.

For more information:

Both the Nokia Lumia 1020 and 625 are available in Canada. The Nokia Lumia 1020 comes in black and yellow and is available at Rogers (please visit for full pricing details) and at TELUS and Black’s (please visit for full pricing details).

The Nokia Lumia 625 is available exclusively at TELUS in black (please visit for full pricing details).

I was sent the Nokia Lumia 625 to review and to share my honest thoughts with you. All opinions are my very own.

The name of my old phone was removed to protect its identity.


  1. I’ve been using my Lumia 625 for awhile now and I’m still in love it. It’s so easy to use and I love the big screen.

  2. Ooooh I would love to try these out, I’ve been an Apple snob for a while now hahaha I think a Windows phone is in my future!

  3. I love this phone. It has such a clear screen and I love the versatility of it. My parents have it and really enjoy it. It has a really decent camera too! Great phone!

  4. That looks like a fabulous phone! We are in the process of looking at a new phone for my husband – I will definitely tell him about this one :)

  5. Teresa Claire says:

    Thank you for such a great review! I have a Nokia Lumia 710 and love it. I like the feature that you write about, Sunlight Enhancement…being able to see texts in the summer would be an added bonus :)

  6. My brother in law and sisters love, love, LOVE their Windows phones and all have Nokias.

    The screen looks huge on the 625. Wow!

  7. Debbie Cahoon says:

    I was afraid to buy one of these because it looked complicated but with what you have told us it’s very easy. Thank you so very much

  8. Debbie W says:

    I am techie afraid. I do like the larger screen.

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