Ice Bricks for Outside Winter Fun


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I have talked about my friend M who always seems to have something fun on the go for her little one. We were invited over for a family dinner and play date for the kids. Little did I know what M had planned for the kiddos. All we were told ahead of time was to dress for outdoor play. Imagine how surprised the kids were when they spotted some coloured ice bricks that M had prepared for them. You may be wondering what the balloons in the picture below are all about…. more on that later on.


M had thought ahead for this one. M filled up some extra containers that she picked up at the Dollar Store. Some of the bricks had food colouring added creating some extra fun for the little ones. Once the containers were filled M left them outside to freeze overnight. Some were not frozen through – thanks to unreliable Ottawa Valley weather – but that just meant the kiddos could make snow soup with all sorts of messy fun. Amazing how fun creating soup can be.


The bricks popped out of the containers with a little bit of work by the kids. Then the building began. The kids were happy and played for a long time. Sometimes we forget that the simple ideas are the most fun.


As an extra treat M froze some creatures in balloons. Put the creatures in the balloons and fill with water. Place in the freezer until frozen. Remove the balloon by cutting it away and you are left with a creature frozen in time. When we were done for the day we brought in the frozen creatures and melted them in buckets. More fun.


Frozen dinosaur fun!

What fun have you had this winter?


  1. Wow, this is AWESOME! Your activities look like so much fun, great way to use the cold t have fun.

  2. What a great idea! You friend M is so brilliant! I’m a last minute kinda of girl so I never really think of things like that until we are already playing outside! It looks like your kids had fun!

  3. Oh this does look fun! With three dogs my yard is not looking all that play friendly lately haha

  4. That is so fun!! What a great idea. When we get enough snow again I will find some little figurines and freeze them in bricks outside.

  5. It really is the simple things in life…. What a great way to enjoy this crazy cold weather and just think you can reuse those inexpensive containers in the summer for making sandcastles!

  6. What a fantastic idea! love the colours and the creations! My boys would really enjoy this.

  7. That looks like so much fun! I love how you made the bricks in all different colors. We will have to remember that for a future trip to the snow. We have had temps in the 80′s here lately. I don’t think the bricks would last long if we made small ones in the freezer (but it still would be fun).


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