[Giveaway] Simply Plan 2014 Organizer Review


There is something almost therapeutic about sitting down with pen to paper to plan your week.  A quiet Sunday evening with a tea and my favorite recipe books, the laptop, my best pen and a stack of papers.  Planning the dinners and lunches for the week and creating the grocery list.  Having a plan for the week in place, in writing.  This is my idea of a great start to the week.

The new star when I am prepping for the week with my tea is my new Simply Plan Organizer.

The planner has everything I need to stay organized.  Every month has a one page full month calendar, a page for goals and projects for the month, a page for weekly meal planning, a page for a weekly budget, and then a double page layout for every week (Monday to Sunday).


At the back of the planner has six categories to help you get organized even further.  Household, My Family, Goals, Keeping Track, Contacts and Notes are all perfect for keeping all the family information organized and in one spot.

The size of the organizer is perfect.  It fits in happily with my recipe books or on my desk at the ready.

The quality and care that is taken to make the organizer is evident the moment I had it in my hands.  Thick crisp paper, a heavy cover and the coil ensure a years of use will not leave this organizer in tatters.

Oh and that colour.  You KNOW I had to mention that, right.  It is almost like it was made special for me.

In the all new Simply Plan 2014, you’ll find:

  • - Full month overview preceding that months weekly pages
  • - Extra space for monthly To Do’s, Projects, Goals & Notes
  • - Weekly Meal Plan & Budget
  • - Whole week at glance incl. To Do’s, Goals and Notes/Memorable Moments
  • - Colored tabs for each month & special categories
  • - Printed on crisp, thick white paper
  • - All Canadian & US public holidays noted
  • - Hard, durable cover on front and back
  • - Durable silver-colored wire o-spiral binding
  • - Size: 21cmx 24.5cm (8.3 x 9.7 inches) including spiral binding
  • - Weight: 0.940 kg (2lb)

I am so in love with this organizer that I will be putting in my order for the 2015 version as soon as I can.

You can find out more about the Simply Plan Organizer by checking out their website.  The facebook page also has some photos of the organizer.  You can even follow on twitter.


I have a planner available for one of my Canadian readers to win!

Good luck



  1. Cassie Fancy says:

    Where I need help hmm lol In everything haha
    I would love to be able to organize what days I am volunteering at my kids school .
    4 kids different events for all YIKES lol

  2. I have recently begun a small home daycare, and I could really use all the help I can get when it comes to scheduling, etc…

  3. I need with everything. I have cognitive problems, and have a poor memory as a result. I’m about to start college and being able to keep everything in order would be so handy!

  4. Angela Mitchell says:

    I need help with meal planning the most. Despite the best of intentions I always seem to leave things to the last minute:)

  5. Shirley Nicolson says:

    I would love this to keep organized as a student.

  6. I need help coordinating all our activities and rides for who needs to be where and when.

  7. Jennifer D says:

    I’m a high school teacher. I would use it to keep all of my classes, extra-curricular activities and appointments!

  8. I need the most help staying organized with daily activities. Appointments and other activities are easily forgotten if I don’t have little notes everywhere.

  9. Chris Adams says:

    I need this to give to my gf because she is never on time. It would help her a great deal!

  10. I need organizing help with appointments, tests etc.

  11. BobbiJo Pentney says:

    I am organized with dates and times but when it comes to billing and what not that my husband does not pay me to do, I suck.

  12. Heather H says:

    reminders .. i jot down notes everywhere .. sticky note pads are my best friend .. i have tons of them .. I need to keep all my thoughts in ONE place .. also I have 3 jobs, so calculating the hours at 2 of the jobs needs to be helped, the 3rd job I work from home, when I am home .. so I never get that one wrong ! I am an unorganized mess .. you would think with being so busy I would be more organized .. nope
    oh, also .. I hate using my phone to enter everything .. just have not gotten the just of it yet !@

  13. I need help staying organized with appointments, get togethers and daily activities. I know a lot of people do this with their phone nowadays but I prefer having it all written down.

  14. Organizing my husband’s business!

  15. Andrea Amy says:

    I have 5 kids, and don’t sleep much so I just need organization for the every day things…school holidays, when the bills need to be paid, when pay day is etc

  16. I am very organized and love using notebooks to do so

  17. I need help keeping my schedule organized. Between medical appointments, kids activities and my husbands work obligations, it gets hard to remember where we are all supposed to be and when.

  18. I write everything on small pieces of paper – and then I lose them!

  19. I have never been organized in my life, maybe I should start!

  20. So Cute!

  21. Jennifer L. says:

    I need help scheduling my time better. I don’t feel I make the best use of my time.

  22. Bills, statements and that sort of thing I’m good at keeping and filing…it’s the everyday craziness that needs a little help.

  23. Marjorie R. says:

    Simple, day to day living, especially Dr’s appointments lately.

  24. I’m a supply teacher and I totally need help organizing where I head to each day and keep track of my shifts! :)

  25. Marissa M says:

    After school activities!

  26. Beth Gallinger says:

    I could use help organizing bills and receipts.

  27. I need organization in my daily activities and appointments!

  28. With all my university work!

  29. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I do find that if I don’t write things down, I tend to forget them these days. Things like appointments and things that I have to do, shopping lists etc etc

  30. I need to organize my many appointments.

  31. Victoria Ess says:

    I need help with organizing every area of my life!! I’m always scrambling to meet deadlines!

  32. Megan Willis says:

    With my hours for work!

  33. Planning my wedding and honeymoon!

  34. Keeping track of all of the family birthdays is something I need help with.

  35. I have four kids, a busy career, a hubby who works hard and travels a lot and chronic illness, so I need help with organizing everything!

  36. Elizabeth R says:

    I like an organized life.

  37. I’m working on a few different projects right now for work and its hard keeping on top of them all

  38. Crystal Englot says:

    I need help keeping my daily business appointments and family activities organized. I have such a horrible memory and half the time I forget what I am doing from one day to the next.

  39. Karen Thaeter says:

    I need to be organized with paying bills and appointments

  40. Marc-Andre Taillefer says:

    Organizing my girl’s business!

  41. I need help organizing to stay on course to reach my monthly goals.

  42. Florence C says:

    Appointment and birthdays.

  43. Karen C Hill says:

    I’m very organized and day planners are an essential to me. Can’t have enough of them either.

  44. I love the meal plan idea. When I was on Mat leave, I used to do a meal plan, but now that I’m back to work, I don’t seem organized enough to do it. LOL

  45. I need help with the constant stream of paper work and keeping track of follow up that the paperwork requires.

  46. Trisha Y. says:

    I need help with keeping track of my kids extra activities outside of school.

  47. I guess with my wedding planning, I procrastinate with it, seems more like a chore than anything.

  48. I need help organizing my meals. M eal planning is not my strong suit!

  49. Cheryl Grandy says:

    I need help with everything from meal planning to cleaning routines to keeping track of appointments, medical information and finances.

  50. Lee-Ann S says:

    For me it is keeping the work related paperwork organized, especially since it is casual.


  52. Lynda Cook says:

    I need help with everything lol, but mainly for app. and special dates

  53. Sarah Forrester says:

    This organizer would help me be more organized because I have ADHD

  54. I need the plan organizer especially for all my doctors’ appointments. With my heart condition, chronic sinus troubles, tendinitis and herniated discs in my neck, I need to make plenty of doctors’ appointments throughout the year; In addition, my memory isn’t what it used to be!

  55. Finishing projects says:

    Never can seem to keep my time organized to get projects done

  56. Always nice to plan your life around your busy life. Cheeers

  57. angie smith says:

    i need a consistent family schedule!

  58. cathy rockwell says:

    I am a very busy person and just need help keeping it all organized. I sell Avon, do crafts that I sell, work out of the home, as well as all my household chores. This would be so handy. :)

  59. myckiemouse says:

    I need overall help to organize my life. Mostly in the paperwork department ie. taxes, bill payments, invoicing, recording payments etc. I am overwhelmed by paperwork.

  60. Christina Ferguson says:

    I am taking a Property Management course in the spring and this would help me organize not only my household but my class schedules and info. This planner is exactly what I need.

  61. I need help with anything…especially paying bills!

  62. Barbara Hutcheson says:

    I operate my own dog walking/pet sitting business and have a couple of employees-so I am always in need of properly managing the day-to-day walks and also my employees

  63. Barbara Hutcheson says:

    I also manage my financial budget daily too

  64. This would help my Jewelry In Candles business so much with keeping my goals, parties, meetings, and so much more very organized.

  65. My bathroom definitely needs organizing!

  66. WORK!

  67. Michelle Hamilton says:

    I have ADD and that makes it hard getting and staying organized.

    I usually forget things one minute later.

  68. Nancy Fontaine says:

    I need help just starting to get organized.

  69. My kids are starting to get into activities, and I really need the help organising all of us!

  70. Everyone’s schedule since my teens are now all drivers.. oh my…

  71. Wanda Bergman says:

    I need help organizing birthdays and other special occasions.

  72. I could really use some help with organizing my to do lists for a daily basis!

  73. I could honestly use help with every aspect of my life right now… I am in the middle of a bit of an overhaul so any tools are appreciated!

  74. Corey Flemming says:

    Need hel organizing mail, thesis articles, and just generally!

  75. I have a hard time with appointments, events, kids school, groceries and my to-do’s.

  76. Julie Bolduc says:

    I need help on organizing and reminding myself to pay bills

  77. Honestly, with everything, but my house would be #1. Once I feel I’m getting the hang of it I slack off and have to start all over again.

  78. More like: where *don’t* I need help with getting organized! The worst, though, is my list (s). Too many lists, can’t keep track of them, and then misplace them. Arghhhh!!

  79. Marina Mikhaylova says:

    I need help to organize meal play or a week.

  80. teresa mccluskey says:

    I am a blogger so I need help getting and staying organized in that area!

  81. roger simmons says:

    Im a planner. I take notes on things to do, menus and what to buy from the grocery store. I also write down the menu for the week so my brother in law can cook it.

  82. Susan Spidle says:

    I need help keeping contests organized so I don’t enter once time only ones more than once.

  83. I need to organize all my doctor appointments..I know that sounds horrible.

  84. I need to be reminded of appointments and upcoming events that I would like to attend.

  85. I need help organizing my thoughts – I seem so scatter brained now with 2 kids!

  86. Victoria K says:

    I need help organizing the daily bills and paper that comes in the mail. There is so much.

  87. Elaine Buonsante says:

    I need help especially with meal planning.

  88. crystal tucker says:

    I need help staying organized when it comes to all of the things I need to get done around the house as well as appointments, errands, and other responsibilities. This organizer is exactly what I need to jot everything down and keep track, it is the perfect size to fit all of the million things I need to get done on a daily basis!!!

  89. I need to get organized for my photo booth rental business and to keep track of appointments.

  90. I am starting a new business and would love to win this organizer to help me keep everything on track! I am a firm believer on things stay more organized when you physically write it down. Thanks!

  91. Just to stay on top of all my commitments, blogging and appointments!

  92. sharon boyle says:

    Appointments and things I have to do

  93. Organizing all of my husband’s and my medical appointments can be a nightmare. An organizer would be very helpful

  94. kimberly velkovski says:


  95. Carol Oddy says:

    I need help getting and staying organized in all area’s, paper work is behind on and sometimes I forget appointments!! Have MS and that does not help with the memory!!

  96. kathy downey says:

    I need help staying organized with everything

  97. because this year is a very busy year for me

  98. I need help in keeping track of my daily tasks for school and appointments. Thanks!

  99. Cherin McKenzie says:

    I need help with my mother in-law

  100. I would use this for my home office. I am so busy and all I use right now is a regular wall calendar and its so messy and scribbles in it. This planner would help me tremendously in keeping things neat and organzed for my scheduals and would fit nicely on my desk.

  101. I need help staying organized when it comes to day-to-day tasks. If I don’t write it down, I *will* forget about it. It’s horrible.

  102. Jill McDowell says:

    I need to keep track of my work schedule. I work on a train with varying shifts and hours and I love being organized so this would help keep all work information in one place!

  103. I need help organizing my blog/homeschooling/life! This would be great!

  104. Ann Freele says:

    keeping my work schedules straight. 2 part time jobs to juggle…

  105. I need help getting my husband organized! Lol… Somehow my organization always falls apart once he gets his hand on it!

  106. I can always use help organizing myself.

  107. With a 13 year old and a hubby who can’t keep track of anything, this would be a fabulous family organizer!

  108. Christy Martin says:

    Aside from the physical things I need to organize, I need a timetable that I stick to – rain or shine. As a part-time student, it can be difficult to designate time.

  109. I need help organizing all my crafts

  110. I need help getting organized everywhere! But I really want to focus on my writing and have a proper editorial calendar set up.

  111. Heather A says:

    I need help getting my elderly parents medical and other appointments and requirements organized. It seems like a full time job.

  112. Ariel Chiu says:

    my social calendar

  113. Luana Payne says:

    So many things to do and so little time. I need organization.



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